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JVCKENWOOD Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of NEXEDGE® Technology


Editorial contact: Elaine Walsh E Comm International, Inc.
January 12, 2018

JVCKENWOOD Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of NEXEDGE® Technology

(Suwanee, GA) JVCKENWOOD Corporation announces the ten-year anniversary of the introduction of NEXEDGE digital radio technology in North America. NEXEDGE is built on the pioneering NXDN® Common Air Interface (CAI) which was recognized in 2017 as an international open standard after acceptance at the Study Group 5 meeting of the International Telecommunications Union Radiocommunications Sector (ITU-R) in November 2016 and in Report M-2014-3, published February 2017.  NEXEDGE radios have rapidly evolved since their introduction and now feature industry-leading multi-protocol digital operations, supported by ground-breaking IP-based NEXEDGE Gen2 system technology. Millions of NEXEDGE radios are used in every major industry and government setting and NEXEDGE is integrated into hundreds of local and regionally connected systems and thousands of sites.  

“KENWOOD has a 70-year history of perfecting communications and NEXEDGE is evidence of that dedication and expertise in design and manufacturing,” said Mark Jasin, Executive VP, JVCKENWOOD USA Corp. “We’ve had an exciting decade with NEXEDGE and we are all eager to see this technology continue to evolve and improve in the next ten years. We’re proud of the role NEXEDGE has played in making data and voice communications easy and reliable for our customers and we remain committed to continually advancing digital communications in the years ahead.”  

JVCKENWOOD Corp. manufactures analog and digital two-way radios, including P25 compliant and NEXEDGE radios that use the NXDN protocol.  Kenwood provides complete turnkey system solutions for the utility, public safety, government, education, healthcare, and business and industrial markets. For detailed information, visit us at or call JVCKENWOOD USA at 1-800-950-5005.