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E-automate® Software Greatly Improves Accuracy and Provides the Tools It Needs to Compete

ECi Software Solutions

ECi Software Solutions is a global software solutions company specializing in software and technology solutions and services for a diverse group of entrepreneurs in the manufacturing, building & construction, field and IT services, and distribution vertical markets.

ECi's E-automate® cloud-based business software for service-centric companies can simplify and centralize your complex processes into one easy-to-use interface. Errors and redundant tasks are reduced, allowing you and your team to focus less on everyday functions and more on profitable growth.

Automating everything from accounting to inventory and service, e-automate's total business solution can help. If you are frustrated because:

·        Administrative costs are higher than the industry benchmark

·        Up-sell opportunities are missed due to a lack of visibility of on-hand inventory

·        Tech productivity cannot be tracked

·        Spreadsheets are required to run daily operations

·        Products approaching the end of their lifecycle cannot be quickly identified

Consider e-automate today